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Advocacy for School Librarians

Even though financial contributions made to public schools are tax-deductible, schools rarely, if ever, take any initiative to benefit from that non-profit status. Many citizens, especially those directly connected to a school, would likely be willing to make such a contribution if given the right opportunity and they knew for certain that it would benefit students. And what better way to do that than to support literacy by making a contribution to expand the school library, classroom library or for book give-a-ways, which could potentially benefit every single student in the school as well as future students.


School libraries could partner with to create a fundraising strategy to fund any conceivable goal that could advance the cause of literacy and win broad community support. And that could serve as a relatively easy way for schools to develop supporting partnerships in the larger community, which is in alignment with one of the primary goals of The State Reading Plan (Revised June 2017). 


Element 5: Foster partnerships…to promote literacy achievement from birth to grade 12 through collaboration efforts with stakeholders that include community organizations, businesses, and state agencies.”


South Carolina State Reading Plan


Additionally, the South Carolina Reading Project™ aspires to work with entrepreneurial-minded school librarians to create innovative reading initiatives to inspire students to read more as well as to encourage their parents to read with them, with a special emphasis on summer reading, reading at home and reading for fun.


Note:  Bookmarks with custom message on one side can be printed for promotional purposes for a modest cost.

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